Where was The Long Song filmed? Dominican Republic filming locations for the BBC series

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Where was The Long Song filmed?

Although the series is set in Jamaica, it was actually shot in the Dominican Republic:

The Peninsula Hotel

This Georgian style boutique hotel fitted in well as a filming location for The Long Song.

It also served as the accommodation for the cast and crew.

Director Mahalia Belo said:  “It was wonderful having that, having it for the whole time and hanging out there.

“I could have ideas and move things around in the moment. It made it really organic.”

The Peninsula’s layout meant they could shoot inside both on the ground floor and in Caroline’s Mortimer’s bedroom.

Sugarcane fields

The sugarcane fields of Batey Olivari near San Pedro de Macoris were used to shoot the show.

Another reason the Dominican Republic was used as the location for The Long Song are the sugarcane fields. A plantation called Batey Olivari near San Pedro de Macoris was used for filming. Producer Roopesh Parekh said: “We walked in there on a recce and found people cutting cane with machetes in the old way.

“They live very much on the poverty line and on the outskirts of the fields. It was a modern-day version of the story we were telling.”

Altos de Chavón

Altos de Chavón was an ideal location for the mini-series

This location, which can be found east of San Pedro de Macoris, stood in for the Jamaican town of Falmouth, used for a marketplace scene in Episode 2.

It’s a Mediterranean-style village complete with an amphitheatre.

Roopesh said: “It’s an amazing place. Celebrities have holiday homes there, and they have this hub of restaurants and cafés which were all built in this 19th-century architectural style. “We were just lucky to find it.”

The show was also filmed at the Pinewood Studios in the Dominican Republic

The show didn’t use the London Pinewood Studios, but instead the one in the Dominican Republic.

The studios opened in 2013 in the southern town of Juan Dolio.

This was where the production made its base and shot some interiors.

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