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Juan Dolio, San Pedro de Macorís.- Aiming to show the many advances of the local film industry and the first-class settings the country has to offer, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MIREX) arranged a visit by members of the Corps Diplomatic to the Pinewood Dominican Republic Studios.

Ambassador Angelita García-Vargas headed the group, composed of the newly accredited Heads of Mission before the Dominican Government, alongside their spouses.

Visitors were greeted by Alberto Martínez, Operations Head to Lantica media, the company that manages the film studio compound. Meanwhile, María Valentina Avellaneda, Communications Head to Lantica, joined the diplomats throughout the guided visit.

The studio settings feature three studios (sound stages), each of them featuring water tanks for aquatic scene development. “Outside, we have another Water Tank. That one faces the sea, and it is the biggest and most modern in the world and is considered the “studio’s treasure”. Avellaneda explained.

The Comm. Head shared that several productions have developed on-site within recent years, and she stressed that the most recent one was a series for streaming production company Netflix, which will air in September this year.

The Heads at Pinewood Dominican Republic Studios highlighted the quality of the local team and the tax incentives that the Dominican Republic Law on Film Tax Incentives 108-10 offers.

Also, they made reference to the financial effect that these productions have in Juan Dolio and the neighboring areas: “It is amazing! The development that we see, and how the community comes to life when productions are rolling, because we get over 3,000 people that move to the community for 3 to 4-month terms, depending on the production”.

Avellaneda mentioned how the industry has boomed in recent years. “We’ve gone from 1 to 2 international movies, to getting seven, all in the same year. We hope that number continues to grow, as we make a name for ourselves in the map”.

About Lantica Media:

Lantica Pictures is a film production company based in the Dominican Republic destined to be a leading competitor in the international marketplace.  Lantica Pictures develops, finances and produces original content for both English and Spanish language audiences. The company’s upcoming production slate includes the romantic comedy “Cómplices” and the action packed “Ladrones”, both to be distributed by Pantelion.  Projects in development for 2015 include three English-language features as well as four additional Spanish-language films.

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