The Dominican film industry continues to pioneer. With this goal in mind, “Amigo D” opens in all movie theaters nationwide on Thursday, December 13th. The movie, directed by Francisco Valdéz, features performances starring Honey Estrella, Luis José Germán, Josué Guerrero and Bruno Lastra.

This project, produced by Lantica Media and distributed by CORAL Film Distribution, also features performances by Camila Santana, Augusto Feria, Alejandro Durán, and Santiago Valdéz Robles.

Gabriel Ordaz, managing director of Palacio del Cine and CORAL Film Distribution, reaffirmed the company’s commitment to always hold open doors to new film projects, and to provide their utmost support to local productions.

“Amigo D” is an anthology film which tells the story of everyday people whom are forced to come forward and face their past sins. The meeting point for all these stories is the mysterious “D”, a mysterious man whose sole mission to gather lost souls and test their limits.

Director Francisco Valdéz tells us that to him, “Amigo D” is an essay about the human condition, about what makes a person -good or evil-. It is a study that takes everyday folks, all of them good in essence, and observes to what extent the circumstances lead towards the choices that only an “evil person” would make. In other words, it explores the “point break” of mankind”.

On the other hand, producers Rafael Elías Muñoz and Humberto Castellanos, ensure that “Amigo D” is an artistic movie as well as an essay. It is a story that puts in perspective what mankind is and how easy it is to cross the line that separates good from evil. Through this film, we support a filmmaker with a particular voice and vision of the world. We hope you enjoy it.

About Lantica Media:

Lantica Pictures is a film production company based in the Dominican Republic destined to be a leading competitor in the international marketplace.  Lantica Pictures develops, finances and produces original content for both English and Spanish language audiences. The company’s upcoming production slate includes the romantic comedy “Cómplices” and the action packed “Ladrones”, both to be distributed by Pantelion.  Projects in development for 2015 include three English-language features as well as four additional Spanish-language films.

Lantica Pictures is an operating unit of Lantica Media (, an innovative media company that invests across several segments of the entertainment industry.

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