EL NUEVO DIARIO, SANTO DOMINGO. – The Santo Domingo Technology Institute (INTEC) and Lantica Media, underwrote a cooperation agreement with the Caribbean Film Training Association (*Asociación de Entrenamientos Cinematográficos del Caribe) (ECC-RD) to develop academic activities that help promote, bolster and solidify the field of film development trainings in the Dominican Republic.

The agreement scope includes sharing experiences and knowledge on production process and AV and Film Development, asides the promotion and exposure of training activities: courses, academic, technical and technology seminars.

The agreement framework establishes that Film and AV Communication majors from INTEC partake in the in-country film projects under Lantica Medica, in a way that they gain field experience, and among other institutions which require

Also, through ECC-RD new training programs will be developed in accordance to the local film industry demand. Among these activities included in the agreement scope are: Innovation R&D, Joint Training Programs, Scholarships and Internships for INTECT Students and Alumni.

INTEC can nominate up to 10 students -whether individually or in clusters- to be considered for their formal insertion to one or several of the film projects under development by Lantica Media, as established in the Agreement.

Rolando Guzmán M, INTEC Chancellor, considered this type of partnership of the essence. “We have set our sights and hopes for this relationship to continue growing strong, and bear fruit in favor of developing the training process of students and ideas that the university is eager to materialize”.

On his behalf, Albert Martínez, Lantica Media CEO and ECC Chairman, stressed that they are always on the hunt for new talent, and through it may sound “too generous”, it is an imperative business need.

“For Lantica to be successful, we need a lot of people with talent; and this agreement helps us locate those talents”, Martínez said.

In this sense, the INTEC Chancellor, stated that when we merge talent with innovation, this is where academic perfection is achieved.

Meanwhile, María López, whom serves as Dean of the Film & AV Communication Major, pointed out how this partnership projects a boom in the local film industry, due to the joint efforts made between the private companies and educational entities, to provide better training opportunities.

“Within this training framework, the Agreement helps raise awareness on the importance of the Dominican film industry and the proper talent development, asides the partnership between practice and project resulting in a complete learning experience”, López said.

Meanwhile, Elías Muñoz, Managing Director for ECC-RD, stressed that the non-profit entity he chairs, has a mandate, and that mandate is to certify all active professionals in the industry, because most of their experience has been acquired on the field.

Among the attendees present at the Signing, were Victor Hernández, Acting Dean of Social Sciences and Humanities; Ailyn Lockward, Director of Government Relations & Development of INTEC, and Professor Pablo Lozano.


LANTICA MEDIA is an avant-garde media company that offers world-class specialized production and studio services for the media, television and film industry. The operational units for the company currently comprise PINEWOOD DOMINICAN REPUBLIC STUDIOS, LANTICA PRODUCTION SERVICES and ART 3+4, a partner company that finances and develops original content for the Hispanic audience.

LANTICA MEDIA is a company under Media Partners Investment Fund, co-managed by Media Partners and INICIA.
Meanwhile, the Asociación de Entrenamientos Cinematográficos del Caribe (ECC-RD), aims to coordinate specialized training programs in specific fields, by way of partnerships with internationally renowned academic entities, in order to increase the professional standards of all human capital that works in the booming film industry of the Dominican Republic.

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