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Geraldine Chaplin (Vera) during one of the scenes from “Holy Beasts” filmed in Casa de Campo

Santo Domingo

The film “HOLY BEASTS” directed by the multi-award winning Dominican Mexican duo composed of Laura Amelia Guzman and Israel Cárdenas, will premiere in the prestigious Berlin Film Festival (Berlinale 2019) in its “Panorama” film section. Like Cannes and the Venice Film Festival, Berlinale is the 3rd great film festival, when referring to the 3 most important film festivals in the world and is also the festival with the largest attendance.

The movie is produced by Batú Films, Aurora Dominicana and Lantica Media, in joint production with Pimienta Films (Mexico) and Rei Cine (Argentina).

The film was produced by Gabriel Tineo, Rafael Elias Muñoz, Laura Amelia Guzman and Israel Cárdenas, and was filmed at Pinewood Dominican Republic Studios and several locations of the Casa de Campo Resort in late 2017.

HOLY BEASTS features the starring performances of Geraldine Chaplin, Udo Kier, Luis Ospina, Jackie Ludueña, Jaime Piña, Pau Bertolini, Yeraldin Asencio, and Fifi Poulakidas, and tells the story of Vera, a renowned actress already witnessing her career coming to an end, whom lands in the Caribbean to film her latest film, which she wrote and the renowned late cult director, Jean-Louis Jorge. Vera settles in at a villa shared among the producers and cast, filming becomes a reunion among old friends, rendering tribute to their beloved colleague. As the production unfolds, the fine line between reality and fiction fades, hence putting Vera at risk with the movie she so longs to film.

“This production celebrates the art of filmmaking, having filmed at Pinewood and other locations of natural beauty in the Caribbean; featuring a first-class international and local cast, which enriched the original plot created and developed for the screen by Laura Amelia and Israel. To have the worldwide premiere of this film scheduled to take place in Berlin is a recognition not only to the work of the directors and the entire crew, but also an important promotion of Dominican cinema”, so explained by Gabriel Tineo, one of the film’s producers.

On their end, Laura Amelia Guzman and Israel Cárdenas affirmed that “Holy Beasts” is perhaps their most personal film yet. A quest to reflect their work, the sway, the insecurity endured when filming. It is also a quest to battle mortality and oblivion. By way of memories, dreams, fantasies, we’ve wanted to honor a generation and most especially a director, Jean-Louis Jorge”.

“Holy Beasts is a beautiful tribute to filmmaking, told by two of our best talents, Laura Amelia and Israel, filmmakers with a voice of their own, and with whom we have wanted to work with for a long time. This movie is only an example of the quality cinema achievable when each of the cast members and the crew work in perfect synergy during the project”, so said Rafael Elías Muñoz, Production VP at Lantica Media.

About Lantica Media

Lantica Media is a media company specialized in providing production services as well as first-class studio facilities for the media, film and television industries. The operational units of the company are composed by Pinewood Dominican Republic Studios, Lantica Production Services and Art 3+4, a partner company which finances and produces original content for this Spanish-speaking audience.

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