One of the great steps taken by the Dominican Film Industry, is producing films featuring international distribution; Lantica Media wants to continue contributing by presenting its second production with international distribution: “Complices”.

Director Luis Eduardo Reyes, hosted his Premiere Gala on Tuesday at Caribbean Cinemas DownTown Center, despite the absence of cast leads Arath De la Torre and Jesus Zavala, whom according to the event organizers, were already tied up with previous engagements in Mexico, country where the film made its screen debut on February 23rd, making it the 2nd blockbuster to sell out at the box office during opening week.

Complices” is a Rom-Com that doesn’t show us nothing we’ve never seen before, yet, it needs be said, that its exceeded trailer expectations and keeps the public hooked from beginning to end.

The production was filmed in Mexico and in the D.R., and tells the story of Juan Campos ( Arath De la Torre) a playboy, character used in several films, whose mission is to teach his 20-year old nephew Mauricio (Mau) how to pick up women.

Actor Jesus Zavala saved the day playing Mau, a shy young man, depressed over his girlfriend leaving him for another man. Zavala connected to the public through his role and added the comic spark to the plot.

The “Complices” cast is completed by Dominican talents: Eva Arias, Ruth Ocumárez, Sharlene Taulé, Claudette Lalí, Héctor Aníbal, Paula Ferry, Liche Ariza and Roza Gough.


Juan Campos is a playboy that has spent his whole life seducing the most beautiful women; alongside his friend and wingman, Luis Pani. When they set out to their adventure in the Dominican Repuiblic, Luis becomes ill and Juan finds himself compelled to taking in his nephew May, a 20year old young man, suffering depression from a broken heart due to losing his first love. While Juan trains Mau in the art of seduction, Teresa D’Ors comes into play, the only woman capable to setting Juan straight. Together they set out on an adventure where both will learn from each other, and discover that in love, nothing is set in stone.

About Lantica Media:

Lantica Media ( is an innovative media company that invests across several segments of the entertainment industry.  Its subsidiaries offer world-class studio facilities and production services as well as production, financing and distribution solutions for films and television shows.

The company’s operating units currently include Pinewood Dominican Republic Studios and Lantica Pictures. Pinewood Dominican Republic Studios is a state-of-the-art film and TV studio established with Pinewood Studios Group plc.  Lantica Pictures develops, finances and produces original content for English and Spanish language audiences.

Lantica Media is an asset managed by INICIA’s Terra RD platform.


INICIA is a private asset management firm that operates through partnerships with unique managers focused on the Northern Latin American Region to capture long-term value for investors, clients, partners and associates. The managing partner is Felipe Vicini from the Vicini family. INICIA asset management firm was previously known as VICINI and before that Vicini Group.


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