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The film “Cinderello” opened last night at the Palacio del Cine cinemas; the movie is a romantic comedy (rom-com) which tells the tale of a talented but unattractive photographer, whom transforms each night into a handsome hunk, under the protection of his “Fairy Godfather” , hence bound to living a double life while searching for his one true love.

Marlon Flores (William Levy) is a photographer with amazing talent to bring out the inner beauty out of anyone, except his own. His ugliness lures in only rejection and ridicule from all women, but his assistant María, is the only that sees him for how he really is.

One day, tired of the constant disdain, he suddenly runs into his “Fairy Godfather”, a mysterious man whom grants him his wish of turning into an irresistible stud known as Brando.

The spell only works at night. With the help of his best friend Felix, Marlon becomes Brando, the most desired bachelor in town. But, can he find his one true love living a double life? Marlon must now face an even greater challenge: “To overcome this magical spell to win over his better half, Maria.

“Cinderello” features performances by Dominican actors Luis José Germán, Stephany Liriano, Solly Durán, Katiuska Licairac, Lizbeth Santos and special performance by Mexican actor Joaquín Cosío.

The Palacio del Cine senior management alongside Lantica Media, the company producing the movie alongside CORAL, hosted the film premiere at their cinemas in Sambil Mall.

The film was produced by Lantica Media, with Beto Gómez as director, known for his film “Saving Private Pérez” and produced jointly by Alfonso Rodríguez and Rafael Muñoz.



The gale featured the attendance of the Palacio del Cine CEO, Gabriel Ordaz, Natasha Rodriguez, Marketing Manager, Rafael Elías Muñoz, Production VP of Lantica Media, as well as the executive producers of the film and local cast members.

About Lantica Media:

Lantica Pictures is a film production company based in the Dominican Republic destined to be a leading competitor in the international marketplace.  Lantica Pictures develops, finances and produces original content for both English and Spanish language audiences. The company’s upcoming production slate includes the romantic comedy “Cómplices” and the action packed “Ladrones”, both to be distributed by Pantelion.  Projects in development for 2015 include three English-language features as well as four additional Spanish-language films.

Lantica Pictures is an operating unit of Lantica Media (www.lantica.media), an innovative media company that invests across several segments of the entertainment industry.

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